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This price list is valid from 1.7.2010 until further notice. Eurocode Service Oy reserves the right to make any changes which will take place after your current order.

Base price

The base price of the service for a single user is 32.50 / month (VAT 0%). For companies based in Finland or individuals living inside European Union the VAT of 23% will be added to all prices. Companies based in some of the European Union countries shall have valid VAT number, otherwise the VAT 23% will be added.

The base price includes the access to service and archiving of the data of design calculations during the valid ordering period.


The customer making an order will be granted a discount based on length of the billing period as well on the number of simultaneous users. The number of simultaneous users is the number of users who can be logged in the service simultaneously (=same time).

The discount granted based on length of billing period. Billing is made in advance in beginning of the period:

  • Billing in every 1 month, no discount
  • Billing in every 3 months, a discount of 5%
  • Billing in every 6 months, a discount of 10%
  • Billing in every 12 months, a discount of 15%

The additional discount based on number of simultaneous users will be granted as follows:

  • 2 - 4 users, 4% discount
  • 5 to 9 users, 8% discount
  • 10 to 19 users, 12% discount
  • from 20 to 39 users, 16% discount
  • 40 or more users, 20% discount

Please note that the total number of users is not limited at all. However only selected number of users may be logged in simultaneously i.e. same time


Billing will be done in advance in beginning of the selected billing period. If the bill is not paid by the due date, the supplier has the right to suspend access to service until the bill is paid.

Cancellation of the order

The customer may at any time terminate the ordering of the service at end of the current billing period. If the service is not terminated, it will automatically continue in accordance with the preceding period

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