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We have opened EurocodeTools.fi Web service and now it is available also in English language

The service currently has applications for designing of reinforced concrete structures and steel structures by Eurocodes. You will find more information about the applications on these pages.

You can register up for free to access to the service and the applications during two weeks tral period, after which you can continue to use the service by making an order. You can place your order in the service during the trial period or during the login if the trial period has already ended. All prices for the service can be found on these pages

During the registration process you can fill in the neccesary data of your organization and yourself. The username and password needed to login will be sent by email to you. If you want more people in your organization to access the same service you can invite new users to the service in the user management area of the service when loogged in. Please note that they do not need to register separately as they will receive a username and password with your invitation.

Start the registration or login here

29.9.2009 11:02

New web site is open

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